Web 2.0 Logo Creatr

Qwerky. No longer in Alpha. Now in Beta. With 99.99% more shiny stuff. Speaking of logos, somebody told me I should make a more Web 2.0-looking Qwerky logo. Good thing I found just the right program to do that. Enjoy the reflective shiny goodness! And all the Flickr-y stuff (name, color scheme, etc.). With Web […]

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Famous Company Logos, Web Two Point Oh-ed

From what I’ve noticed from browsing this forum thread, creating a shiny new (that’s a hint already) Web 2.0-ish logo is a pretty simple formula: Bright Colors Green if possible. Pink is hott. Hotter if combined with blue, and only blue. Gradients The ultimate discovery of this generation, which also leads us to… Reflections (Required!) […]

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You hot? You iced? Strip all unnecessary baggage cause we want it up close and personal. We don’t care ’bout how much bling you’ve got on your profile, or how hot you claim to be—we can hardly read anything in the midst of the deafening, looping music, the endless photo slideshows, the blinding glitter, and […]

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More Qwerky Names