tabblo.gif Tabblo is yet another one of those online photo-editing, photo-sharing, photo-publishing Web apps that have sprung about of late. Ever heard of that nifty early 2000’s site called Well, apparently,these days plain ol’ photo galleries just don’t cut it anymore. What about Flickr? Too simple. You would want something snazzy that can, well, snazz the eyes off your readers.

With Tabblo, you’d be able to edit your photos online, share them with your contacts, order prints and posters, and heck, even collaborate on team, uhh, tabblos.

It’s like photoblogging but on “tables” or “tablets.” Hey, we thought tables are a thing of the past!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo Abstract

The Formula
Bastardized English [It’s kind of a mashup between or “table” or “tablet” and “blog” – something in the lines of “photoblog”. Or at least we think so. Additionally, the meaning of “tableau,” incidentally a French cousin of “table” as well, seems to fit here nicely: “a vivid or graphic description”]

Web 2.0 Validator Score

We’ve-seen-this-somewhere-before feature
Your tabblos can be shared with friends and family, printed as posters or prints, or published to blogs or websites. They call your groups of friends your “circles”.

Here’s-something-new features
You can create actual posters–real, actual posters, and not just teensy 4R prints–from your tabblos.

Guess-what? feature
Hey, they have a blog. It’s called tabblog! Figures.

Footnote: This post is courtesy of The J Spotter, who offered to guest-write for Qwerky. Thank you very much!

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Make Beautiful Web 2.0 Music, Start With A Name

Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress—a new wave of innovation in the realm of blog software (and has definitely become a sandbox for 2.0 thinking, I daresay)—has decided to start a Web 2.0 band and asks what he’s gonna name it.

Geekiness ahead! If you don’t get them, you’re certainly out of the loop (or is it the tail)? They’re not all gibberish but they’re everything else that’s qwerky around the [insert buzzcatchphraseyword here; examples include read/write, live, user-generated, mashed-up, social, contextual] web:

Bubble 2.0
Jazzonomy, Jazz 2.0
The Tags
Digg It [note: I was thinking of “The Digg Effect”]
Dog Tags
Tag Cloud 9
blink-182 [note: WordPress somehow removes the angled brackets on blink for some reason, maybe cause it’s so Web 1.0, not 2.0!]
The Diagonal Stripes
Music on Rails
They Might Be Standards
Request for Comments
Rounded Corners
Jastab (Just Another Standards Band)
The Agile Methods
The Ajazzx
Matt Mullenweg and the Web 2.0 Experience
The Buzzwords

And like all bands the stars and wannabes of this current incarnation of the web want to make it big, really big, as permanently as can be. And not be nicknamed, “The Hype.”

Add yours. Or how about a new round for song titles (and lyrics)?

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Tax season may be over but it’s not too late—nor irrelevant—to tidy up your financial future. Stocks, bonds, taxes, or what-have-you, web applications have been useful with quick calculations. You can use Google for that. Yubnub can help out, too.

If you’re all about compound interest calculation, head over to Zinses. Basic and Advanced modes available.

If you’re broke or quite the spendthrift, it’s a good source of motivation for you to save up some money!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
Foreign Word (zins = interest, zinses = interest, zinseszins = compound interest »)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

User-friendly Features
AJAXy responses and error-checking (i.e., gives a “bad feelings” error message when you punch in no numbers at all).

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Misfortune is often the spouse of an artist, or at least, his/her life sentence (to some people they mean the same thing anyway). The starving artist, the hungry artist, the misunderstood artist, the antisocial artist, the nerdy artist, the freaky artist, and so on. Artists can become isolated for long hours, months, and years—so that he/she can focus on finally finishing the masterpiece.

So how does a social-networking site for artists sound? Not too bad actually; art communities have long been around. How does a “contemporary character design community” — in beta, no less! — sound? Wonderful. So 2.0. Mojizu doesn’t seem to be cashing in on the buzzwords though (‘cept for the beta).

Sure, you can churn out all the artworks you’ve got and put them display on DA. But what about being a little somebody-else in those moments you’re sketching that misunderstood critter with dreams of world domination? Drawing up new figures and imagining suitable personalities for them certainly make the tendencies of split-personality disorders and other mental illnesses associated with art a no-brainer.

But then, it just might be the answer.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
4, The Cab Calloway

The Formula
Foreign Word [“moji” means “character”]

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Other Signs of Schizophrenia
“the dual-colored background on the headers is annoying…” (I actually noticed that too!)

Surprisingly Relevant Irrelevant Quip
“Visuals are Worth a Thousand Words Particularly if People Can’t Understand the Words” (also applies to all other sites on Qwerky)

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Poverty on the Web 2.0 street? I thought weirdly-named sites also took advantage of the advances in computing to making the “web as a valid platform/operating system” a reality, thereby assuming users are quite well-off (and make for great sources of income)?

Oh, my mistake. Beggr still does. Unlike other services out there, though, it is totally upfront about its monetization scheme (move over, contextual ads, paid accounts for premium services, or paychecks for popular content you generate!) — the site is all about asking you for a donation via PayPal. And so far, as of press time, it has “scrounged up” £832.15 from suckers, rather, generous souls. Beware of the AJAX-powered alibis—yes, there are many!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Batsardized English, The ‘R’ Thang, Vowel Drop

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Most convincing line
“You may have seen something like this before – but this one is 2.0, beta and has a shinier logo.” [Hit the browser reload button for something else]

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Subtitle: People Power II.0 Redux

Its not surprising for the ambitious to go out and make another Digg clone themselves, because who isn’t in awe of The Digg Effect? There are tons out there already, and it takes a particularly trained eye to sort them out.

From the land of [several incarnations of] People Power comes its own version, Posters, however, are not restricted to the citizens of the Philippines, nor are the topics limited to Philippine-related ones (and not even technology-related ones, either, unlike Digg).

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
Foreign Word [shortened version of “okay” »], Bastardized English, Metaphoria

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Web 2.0 Features
User-generated content, gradients, rating system

“If you like us, click OKS”

oKs this entry!

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Web 2.0 Site Generator

We all love ’em, those memes running on pseudo-intelligent engines, spewing forth usually-pleasing results. They usually take the form of personality tests.

But this generator completes your checklist for Launching a Web 2.0 Site (a.k.a. The Business Plan):

  1. The bleeding-edge service you’ll be providing [CHECK!]
  2. Your qwerky web service and company names [CHECK!]
  3. Wonderful marketing buzz [CHECK!]
  4. An XHTML/CSS site layout — in great Web 2.0 fashion (rounded corners, blue-to-green spectra, large fonts, badges, gradients), of course!

Here’s a preview of #4:

Hmm, I think they missed the Beta label there.

FYI, “Botingu” was a suggested name by the site (as well as “Pipsqueak”), and listed in here — apparently as either places or surnames.

Throw in a few more things here and there you get this checklist completed. Congradulashons.

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F*ck Web 2.0

Shut the f*ck up!

I guess the poor guy needed a break from all the ASCII-based hype out there. Come to think of it, this is an even better counter to an assassination a few months back.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign the Web 1.0 guestbook!

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According to this site:

is hereby officially certified

38% Web 2.0 Compliant!


If you’re a Web 2.0 wannabe and you’re beyond stressed over that validator (’cause its denominator mysteriously keeps on growing and you never get that perfect score), then head on over and get certifyd. Be honest, too!

It’s no Web 2.0 application (or is it?), but it’s got…

*drumroll please*

The Qwerks. (Bastardized English, Vowel Drop, Consonant Swap!)

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More than just another photo-stashing system, Riya boasts of a never-before-seen feature: face recognition. Their systems can be taught to recognize people’s faces so that the photos uploaded can be searchable not only by album, location (mashed up with an AJAX map, of course), time, and ordinary text, but by the names associated with the learned faces. It’s not just faces you can actually ‘tag’, but other features of the photos you want, like street signs and such.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Daughter’s Name: “Graceful”, “Singer” in Indian Names (Sidenote: Riya means “Hypocrisy”, “Ostentation”, in Arabic)

Company Mascot
None, but the son (Deven) and daughter (Riya) of Munjal Shah are rockstars now!

Company Name’s Formula
Foreign Word [Ojos]

Qwerky Blog Name

Web 2.0 Validator Score

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While other peeps are squabbling over which image editing software is the best to download or even buy—Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint .NET, The GIMP—sometimes a quick-and-dirty online solution is the answer.

PXN8 is not at all browser-heavy, even. It’s AJAX-driven, possibly the next best thing to, or even better than Flash. Choose a picture to edit (or make do with what it randomly loads) and then perform all your basic photo-editing functions (crop, resize, rotate, red eye, whiten!, sepia, color balance) or even the fun effects (lomo, filter, rounded edges, scan lines, blur, and snowflakes!). When you’re done, save it, or upload it to your Flickr account.

For the same peeps previously squabbling and now grumbling to themselves, “dang, why didn’t I think of that first?”, they obviously didn’t keep this in mind—

“About 80% of users only use 20% of a product’s features. We focus on that 20% and endeavour to make those features as simple as possible.” [»]

—but can be consoled by the fact that Sxoop, its creators, allows license PXN8 to be sold and rebranded for $749.00.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Bastardized English: TXTLingo

Company Name’s Formula
Bastardized English: Consonant Swap (a.k.a. Since When Is X Pronounced as K??)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Most Useful Feature
Handy Pronunciation Guide Above The Logo

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And who says the hip names belong solely to the singles, the childless crowd? Aside from its refreshing, albeit nonsensical name, Minti offers a great new way for the clueless parents (not a good combination of words) to finally learn how to raise kids in the best possible ways.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Bastardized English, Foreign Word (e.g., Minti Saa Mimu, meaning “I’m not that ugly on the inside” »)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Favorite Icon
The Smiley Face

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CSS Naked Day!

Today, 04/05/06, is the first-ever Annual CSS Naked Day!

The usual stylesheets shall return in twenty-four hours.

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LogoLinks from China

It’s bad enough that 90% of the time, we can’t understand what a webapp name means (by looking for it in a dictionary, at least). But is it worse to stumble upon yet another field of logos (translated version) with tons of Chinese characters in them?

Qwerky, unfortunately, does not feature non-international services (e.g. ones that speak in non-English only, ones that offer services in a certain region only, etc.). It is comforting (or disconcerting) to note, though, that the weird naming has easily reached the orient shores.

Or has it? This side probably even started it. We have native words that haven’t been used up in the domain name registration race. Not surprisingly, the West and all ye English-speaking folk have resorted to using more exotic words to keep it unique. At least they’re not that closed-minded.

At least I also—somehow—found a photo-sharing site that looks way too much like Flickr.

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Keep yung site fresh with an AJAX-powered widget that fetches the latest feeds from the OPML/RSS URL you indicate.

Ironically, it looks so retro (read: Win98) that it doesn’t quite fit into the look-and-feel of their homepage. But who’s complaining?

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
The ‘R’ Thang

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Company Colors

Company Mascot
A cow dressed in a suit that spells ‘Grazr’

Brownie Points For
Attention to detail on the logo (eating grass!)

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Weird Web App Name or Star Wars Character?

Perhaps it was the scifi-illiterate in me that failed to notice that Star Wars is a good source of qwerky names.

I got a 35. (In the range 31-40: As your doctor, I recommend moving out of your parents’ basement.)

Try it!

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Kottke reveals…

The secret to Web 2.0: what do Flickr, Ning, Kiko, Vimeo, Shadows, YouTube, Furl, NewsGator, Shutterfly, Mefeedia, Feedster, Planzo, Zazzle, Tailrank, Yakalike, Qoop, Lulu, Blish, Flagr, FireAnt, Odeo, Measure Map, EVDB, Gather, Oyogi,

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Typography for the 2.0 Logos

If you’re a qwerky 2.0 co., you’re probably in here too.

(Nope, it’s not pornographic at all.)

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Cthulhu? Gibberish ain’t as lethal as the dictionary words.

Qwerky hereby summons the comfy-soft hypnosis of the hippest keywords around:

Tag cloud ATTACK!

(Mind you, they’re the new mullets.)

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Web 2.0 Innovation Map

Stumbled upon this from someone’s list9 list. It’s not so strict on the Web 2.0 definition though:

“I’m not here to debate the “Web 2.0″ term. For this application, Web 2.0 is simply defined by the explosion of internet applications that have come out over the last year or so.”

— Ryan Williams, Web Things Considered

But at least we can say not all of the bubble hype came from the Americas or the Europas. In fact, the map’s got a QC-based one! More on that in a future post.

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In My Respite…

From the moment my eyes were opened to this sick world, I knew nothing good would become of me. The brat who won’t make it anywhere—not in medicine, the arts, law… much less world domination. My ears are bleeding from all their whispers of disdain; so do my wrists.

There I taste the sweetest refuge. And in her, the sweetest revenge. I shall take flight… soon.

66 words

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With a gracious shoutout from one of Ning‘s CEO, Gina Bianchini, I can officially confirm how they came up with a name for their webapp-cloning service, formerly 24 Hour Laundry’s project:

“We came up with it because it meant peace in chinese. That made it both short and sweet :-)”

Of course, this guy dubs it otherwise: The LoN(in)g Tail of Software. But we know whom to believe, don’t we?

And contrary to previous opinions, it is most definitely not dead. Try it out sometime; you might just find your superhero.

Footnote: Remember the mention of Bill Gates’s whine about not charging for software, paving the way for proprietary code? Its thirtieth anniversary just passed this February 3.

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LOGO2.0_2From the Flickr of Stabilo Boss.

So little time, so many web services to try out. See if you can point out the weirdly-named ones.

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Do you want to die with me?

Having nothing to lose is the best feeling in the world.

This whole wide world sucks. The people aren’t helping to make it one bit better.

Take the undisciplined, the carefree. They never had any sense of the greater good. Of sacrifice. Of being a man for others. I am so tired. I am so tired of having to work my ass off and then see everyone else being so unproductive. I’m tired of taking initiative. No one else delivers anyway.

But they get away with it.

Take the rich, the powerful. They’ve got it all in their hands. They have false hopes and ambitions, and mask the selfishness with false acts of charity. They know the greater good, and use it to mask what they’re actually doing, which is not doing anything, for they fear straining even the smallest of implanted facial tissue. Of course they’re happy there. High up on the thrones they believe themselves to be sitting on. The poor kills themselves to be just like them. When they do, they forget everything to become the dictators themselves.

And of course they get away with it.

It doesn’t matter now. Yesterday I realized that nothing would change if I was gone. Why does the rest of the world have to matter?

I don’t matter anyway.

Nothing will change.

She comes along… Calls herself Tita Meldy—to maintain the illusion of youth, of course; she should’ve been called Lola Meldy. Dolls herself up like it was fifty years yesterday. For a few seconds I found myself stopping in the middle of the Katipunan overpass, looking down at the cars doing no less than seventy. Everything was light. I could feel myself smiling, enjoying that height, and somewhere in the back of my head, an imagined flight.

I get a tap on my shoulder.

It is she, dressed unsurprisingly in regal Filipiniana. I see men in dark suits a few meters away, right by the steps. I had no intention of patronizing her. It was two in the morning. No one else was around. I shifted back to view the avenue’s stretch, as though I hadn’t seen anything.

She moves closer and we stand side by side, both holding the edge of the concrete and looking out.

“You know,” she began, in a motherly yet derogatory manner. “There’s only one reason why you would jump.”

I kept silent. I hated adults who loved to act like know-it-alls. A false sense of wisdom put there by age. Selfish, narrow-minded adults. Especially those who collect shoes like there was no tomorrow.

“You don’t hate the world as much as you hate yourself for what you did.”

Air temperature dropped at least ten degrees—Celsius. Body temperature rose.

“I know how you feel… Like you deserved it… But you’ve also believed long ago everyone will get by with enough hard work. Do you want to lose that? I sought you out precisely because of it.”

I picked up my bag lying at my feet, and started to head for the steps on the other side.

From the corner of my eye the men started to run, but she signaled them not to pursue me. I most nearly stumbled on every step down… Then I ran straight ahead, as fast as my feet could take me.

Someone knows.

I might as well be doing something about it.

Or die trying.

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The Pending List

Some really good gibberishly-named sites are still not open for use by the public because they’re still in alpha- or beta-testing stages. (Still there are others who are in beta and yet don’t mind letting the users get exposed to dozens of bugs, but that’s another matter.)

But, since they’ve intentionally put up signs all over the place as a very effective means of marketing, we might as well mention them in the meantime:

Diigo (by invite only)
“Social annotation”
Qwerks: Doublized, Another Potential Digg Clone

Noodly (by invite only)
“harnessing the power of user-generated content”
Qwerks: Bastardized English

Gootodo (apply for early adopter account)
“bit-literate todo list”
Qwerks: Doublized

No clue whatsoever.
Qwerks: Doublized, Bastardized Foreign Word [»]

Woomp (available for preview or testing purpose only)
“create, manage beautiful galleries/portfolios, and share online artworks, photos and videos”
Qwerks: Doublized, SoundFX

Zoozio (beta testers wanted)
“our modular way of thinking”
Qwerks: Doublized, Gibberish

Gliffy (beta users only)
“visualize & share ideas on the web”
Qwerks: Doublized, Bastardized English, Gibberish

Colib (enter your email to be notified)
“Your books, music & videos. Tagged, shared and sorted.”
Qwerks: Gibberish

Tagsy (not yet ready, be notified of developments)
“social bookmarks and feed management service”
Qwerks: Bastardized English

Tioti — Tape It Off The Internet (sign up for the beta)
“A global TV guide, Torrent tracking, your favourites and recommendations plus an innovative social layer to hang it off.”
Qwerks: Acronym

Otavo (still in stealth mode)
“The international web platform” [clue]
Qwerks: Foreign Word [»]

Wrickr (be notified through email)
No clue whatsoever.
Qwerks: The R Thang, Vowel Purger

Skobee (enter email for invite)
“a web app that gets you off the web.”
Qwerks: Doublized [A prize for anyone who guesses its origin!]

Flagr (enter email and become one of the first to share where)
“Share your favorite places with your friends or the world right from your mobile phone.”
Qwerks: The R Thang, Vowel Purger

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More Qwerky Names

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