F*ck Web 2.0

Shut the f*ck up!

I guess the poor guy needed a break from all the ASCII-based hype out there. Come to think of it, this is an even better counter to an assassination a few months back.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign the Web 1.0 guestbook!

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  1. Keith Dsouza
    05.22.06, 3:10 am

    Shut the fuck up, what the fuck is this about.

    Why fuck Web 2.0 did it already fuck you up??

  2. ia
    05.22.06, 4:16 pm

    I sure hope you read where the line “f*ck web 2.0” came from, i.e., clicked on the link.

    And no, Web 2.0 hasn’t f*cked me up at all, dearie, not since I’ve made this blog. :)

  3. Corsarius
    05.23.06, 1:18 am

    hm…seems that mr. keith has no sense of proper decorum, unfortunately…especially since the blogmaster’s a lady.

    i think this is the first time i commented here, ia, ne? ;)

  4. jangelo
    06.1.06, 7:16 am

    That’s “blogmistress,” I think.

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