Flickr Bits

flickrid.pngRemember Flickr, the photo-sharing application that launched a thousand snapshots? Here’s a wittier line: it’s also launched a thousand mash-ups.

Have you ever seen a piece of software that lets you take its code and use it for something even cooler? API is the keybuzzword here. Related to the service, but in a new, cooler way? They call it Flickr Bits, but I the name didn’t seem to catch on.

Of course, it’s Flickr’s naming scheme that did.

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  1. Corsarius
    11.25.06, 3:01 am

    “Flickr, the photo-sharing application that launched a thousand mash-ups”. nice one!

    you seem to be on a roll lately hehe.

  2. Tate Linden
    11.26.06, 10:10 pm

    Check the link on my name above or click (or go here: for my own poetic rant about the naming convention spawned by Flickr. I still blame Seth Godin for not better explaining why he liked the name (found here: thus precipitating a slew of immitators.

    (Please fix links if possible… I’m not html savvy…)

  3. ia
    11.26.06, 11:34 pm

    @Corsarius: Well it probably was at the back of everyone’s head. :)

    @Tate Linden: Wow. I promise to post about your poem in the future. I’m a fool for not bumping into it sooner. :)

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