Would You Give Your First Born To Name Websites Like These?

Some qwerky suggestions for webapps. A bit on the cynical side. I’m sure you can guess which webapps these ones are parodying.

Social Networking

  • Hi5-O
  • ClinkedIn


  • Rigg


  • KeggsList
  • Faithbook

Entertainment and Sports

  • FumbleUpon
  • Speedoo

Consumer Reviews

  • GrumbleUpon
  • Ask Questions

Social Bookmarking

  • Blanklist

Love and Dating

  • StagNation

Get the full story here.

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  1. Okinawa
    09.30.07, 8:42 am

    When will the social media bubble burst so I can stop running into these names? Or is it here to stay…

  2. Tate Linden
    11.17.07, 10:28 am

    Two things…
    First – This was a goofy article that you linked to. I’m sure all the names referenced are now being camped by opportunists, but really all of them were just plain bad.
    Second – Where in the heck have you disappeared to? I miss my fix of internet naming weirdness.

  3. Dean's Design Ideas
    03.8.08, 5:41 pm

    Hehe, it’s funny names!

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