Where IM stands for Instant Messenger. Where, if you haven’t figured that out by now, you probably wouldn’t “get it”.

IMified is actually descriptive of the web service, for a change, but still creates a non-existent name in the process. The proposal: do everything from inside an IM window. Befriend imified and start noting, reminding, todoing, backpacking, basecamping, 30boxing, stikkiting, rememberthemilking, calendaring, or blogging (a choice of T, B, WP, LJ, or MT).

Of course, make sure your messenger isn’t blocked by your company firewall first.

Score 7/52; Formula: Bastardized English; Circle No.: 3, The Pseudo-Abstract

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  1. rommel
    02.13.07, 1:53 pm

    hello there! :) nice site :)

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