Christmas season nears and we want a Web 2.0 wishlist. No, not a revamp of the Amazon feature that’s ever so popular with so many personal sites. We want lightning-fast response (AJAX), custom templates (ala MySpace), and a tried and tested naming strategy for the service (Flickr).

Score: 7/51; Formula: Bastardized English: Vowel Drop; Circle No.: 3, The Pseudo-Abstract; Definitely Inspired By: Amazon, Flickr, Shopify

Footnote: A WordPress plugin is available here (German).

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  1. Corsarius
    11.21.06, 9:30 pm

    did you make one of your own? this post got my interest piqued, so without further ado.. Corsarius’ Wishlist :P

  2. ia
    11.25.06, 1:39 am

    Mine’s at: http://www.wishlistr.com/sofimi :D

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