There are hardly any decent file converters out there: you know, ones that don’t bring along a plethora of malware into your system, or ones that cause you to bring a plethora of malware into your system yourself because you’re forced use a crack for it to work properly.

But the web is making software obsolete. Make way for the one online converter to convert them all.

Definitely. Zamzar rules over the uncreative-ly named competition.

Score: 6/51; Formula: Metaphoria (based on Gregor Samsa, a Kafka character who transformed into an insect while sleeping); Circle No.: 2, The Metaphor; Real-Life Mascot: Chameleon

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  1. Corsarius
    11.20.06, 5:40 pm

    uber-cool, just what i need. thanks to avid web-surfers like you..helping out the tardy researchers like me, , mwehehe.

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