The Pending List

Some really good gibberishly-named sites are still not open for use by the public because they’re still in alpha- or beta-testing stages. (Still there are others who are in beta and yet don’t mind letting the users get exposed to dozens of bugs, but that’s another matter.)

But, since they’ve intentionally put up signs all over the place as a very effective means of marketing, we might as well mention them in the meantime:

Diigo (by invite only)
“Social annotation”
Qwerks: Doublized, Another Potential Digg Clone

Noodly (by invite only)
“harnessing the power of user-generated content”
Qwerks: Bastardized English

Gootodo (apply for early adopter account)
“bit-literate todo list”
Qwerks: Doublized

No clue whatsoever.
Qwerks: Doublized, Bastardized Foreign Word [»]

Woomp (available for preview or testing purpose only)
“create, manage beautiful galleries/portfolios, and share online artworks, photos and videos”
Qwerks: Doublized, SoundFX

Zoozio (beta testers wanted)
“our modular way of thinking”
Qwerks: Doublized, Gibberish

Gliffy (beta users only)
“visualize & share ideas on the web”
Qwerks: Doublized, Bastardized English, Gibberish

Colib (enter your email to be notified)
“Your books, music & videos. Tagged, shared and sorted.”
Qwerks: Gibberish

Tagsy (not yet ready, be notified of developments)
“social bookmarks and feed management service”
Qwerks: Bastardized English

Tioti — Tape It Off The Internet (sign up for the beta)
“A global TV guide, Torrent tracking, your favourites and recommendations plus an innovative social layer to hang it off.”
Qwerks: Acronym

Otavo (still in stealth mode)
“The international web platform” [clue]
Qwerks: Foreign Word [»]

Wrickr (be notified through email)
No clue whatsoever.
Qwerks: The R Thang, Vowel Purger

Skobee (enter email for invite)
“a web app that gets you off the web.”
Qwerks: Doublized [A prize for anyone who guesses its origin!]

Flagr (enter email and become one of the first to share where)
“Share your favorite places with your friends or the world right from your mobile phone.”
Qwerks: The R Thang, Vowel Purger

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