Bubbling Up

The story behind Qwerky.

Perhaps because all the relevant domain names are taken, or abstract and play-on-words is the new hip, or it’s an all-out effort to get your attention, one quirky little trait of these new web applications seems to be their obscure names.

Qwerky (a search proves some people actually spell quirky like that) is a notebook of these weird Web 2.0 application names, and what they actually do. How eye-catching and memorable are they, really? Will they ever release a non-Beta version? Is Google going to release an OS that’ll turn both Apple and Microsoft insane? Let’s find out.

Qwerky is in no way affiliated with Qwerky.com, but I’m pretty sure it’s just as nice a site as this one.

Rants You Might Want to Hear

Again, in documenting the qwerks of each site, I’ve come across some good methods of empirical characterization. For example:

Belongs to Circle Number
Under which naming scheme, according to Firewheel Design, does a Web 2.0 name fall? 1, The Literal Name; 2, The Metaphor; 3, The Pseudo Abstract; 4, The Cab Calloway
Web 2.0 Validator Score
How Web 2.0-compliant is the website?
The Formula
My formula. Bastardized English (and its variants), Consonant Swap, Doublized, Foreign Word, Metaphoria, The ‘R’ Thang, Vowel Drop

Other mentionables will vary depending on the nature of the site. Helpful resources that can guide you in creating your very own web service with a wonderfully qwerky name can be found in the link page.

A New Gig

Killspree is a new gig; it’s about thirteen or so characters attempting to kill the illustrious Tita Meldy. Let’s see what comes of it.


The pink is Prof. Manalo‘s fault (yes it is!). The greens are remnants of the first theme for this website, Kiwi. It is also the official color of Web 2.0, if you haven’t noticed.

The CW 198

Qwerky and Killspree are projects in our CW 198 class in UP Diliman.

The Author

Qwerky is written by Ia Lucero and part of Stellify.net. (Contact details here.)

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