Announcing Qwerky

Announcing qwerky, your guide to some of the strangest site names on the web!

qwerky is still in its alpha pre-release stage, especially with the layout. We are still ironing out the coolest interface possible, to incorporate huge fonts, web-safe but unboring hues, black, gradients, aqua-candied icons, rounded corners, and reflective surface effects. And then of course there’s keeping up with strict W3 standards, plus the use of AJAX, JSON, RSS, Atom, OPML, and other acronyms you don’t care about.

So if you’d like to be kept updated, well, then, keep on coming back!

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal how we came up with our own site name, and at this point we cannot divulge how useful this site is projected to become within the next few months (if we get that far), but we are surely banking on some VC to drop by our cozy little office and ask if they could invest in the wonderful little idea we’vethey’ve stumbled upon.

Take a seat, relax, and enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Qwerky

  1. Hi! The site really seems to be in beta right now, particularly with the features of the theme. Nevertheless, I believe all the links are in place. :)

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