Famous Company Logos, Web Two Point Oh-ed

From what I’ve noticed from browsing this forum thread, creating a shiny new (that’s a hint already) Web 2.0-ish logo is a pretty simple formula:

Parental Advisory: Shiny Content

Bright Colors

Green if possible. Pink is hott. Hotter if combined with blue, and only blue.


The ultimate discovery of this generation, which also leads us to…

Reflections (Required!)

And other shiny stuff. Candy, glass, bling, ice, whatever you call it, it should look like a new source of light.


Rounded corners for boxes and typefaces. Swooshes. Cute leaves. Just get that amateurish-corporate-hippie look down pat.

Company Name 2.0 (Optional)

A whole new level of bastardization. But the formulae for these are familiar. Sometimes it’s literally adding a “2.0” after. Or, surprise, surprise, the word “beta”!

Everybody likes to throw convention out of the window these days, but we’re forming a new set of rules altogether. Rules everybody might be following, including the likes of corporate giants with time-honored logos (I also saw flags for certain countries in there as well!).

Unfortunately, the thread is no longer open to any new submissions. But see where it got them: you might just land a job with the silliest of ideas. Got something to add? Join this Flickr group.

Footnote: from John Battelle, via Rojo Blog. Apparently, usernames are Web 2.0h-i-fiable as well. Digg the story now!

5 thoughts on “Famous Company Logos, Web Two Point Oh-ed

  1. hi ia, found qwerky via the link you posted on oKs.ph :)

    apologies for the inappropriate method of contact, but i couldn’t find an email address anywhere on your site. our little startup is looking for pinoys that are deeply familiar with the whole web2.0 movement, and i was wondering if you’d be interested to talk. send me an email at luis AT pandorasquared DOT com :)


  2. @luis: nice of you to drop by! :D have you seen my oks post? hahaha.

    @corsarius: logo? it’d be too easy to drop in gradients and reflections! i like the cube-like font i’m using right now. let’s see if i get inspired any further.

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