LogoLinks from China

It’s bad enough that 90% of the time, we can’t understand what a webapp name means (by looking for it in a dictionary, at least). But is it worse to stumble upon yet another field of logos (translated version) with tons of Chinese characters in them?

Qwerky, unfortunately, does not feature non-international services (e.g. ones that speak in non-English only, ones that offer services in a certain region only, etc.). It is comforting (or disconcerting) to note, though, that the weird naming has easily reached the orient shores.

Or has it? This side probably even started it. We have native words that haven’t been used up in the domain name registration race. Not surprisingly, the West and all ye English-speaking folk have resorted to using more exotic words to keep it unique. At least they’re not that closed-minded.

At least I also—somehow—found a photo-sharing site that looks way too much like Flickr.

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