Make Beautiful Web 2.0 Music, Start With A Name

Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress—a new wave of innovation in the realm of blog software (and has definitely become a sandbox for 2.0 thinking, I daresay)—has decided to start a Web 2.0 band and asks what he’s gonna name it.

Geekiness ahead! If you don’t get them, you’re certainly out of the loop (or is it the tail)? They’re not all gibberish but they’re everything else that’s qwerky around the [insert buzzcatchphraseyword here; examples include read/write, live, user-generated, mashed-up, social, contextual] web:

Bubble 2.0
Jazzonomy, Jazz 2.0
The Tags
Digg It [note: I was thinking of “The Digg Effect”]
Dog Tags
Tag Cloud 9
blink-182 [note: WordPress somehow removes the angled brackets on blink for some reason, maybe cause it’s so Web 1.0, not 2.0!]
The Diagonal Stripes
Music on Rails
They Might Be Standards
Request for Comments
Rounded Corners
Jastab (Just Another Standards Band)
The Agile Methods
The Ajazzx
Matt Mullenweg and the Web 2.0 Experience
The Buzzwords

And like all bands the stars and wannabes of this current incarnation of the web want to make it big, really big, as permanently as can be. And not be nicknamed, “The Hype.”

Add yours. Or how about a new round for song titles (and lyrics)?

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