Mapping Web 2.0

The serious one shows color-coded regions where the given social networks are popular. I don’t think LiveJournal is comparable to MySpace, but just look at that! Curiously, there’s not one website that dominates equally across continents. According to the article, Hi5 is the most diverse.

The funny one depicts the popular places on the web both as land forms and water forms. Remember, it’s only an approximation!

The mashed up one shows which country made which web application. Not comprehensive, but I’d love to see this when it’s become more comprehensive than ever.

The confusing one lets you navigate through Web 2.0 much like a Tokyo Subway map. (Because unsurprisingly, it’s made by Japanese information architects.) It shows an interesting combination of how successful they predict these webapps will be, as well as other relationships like Chinese-made websites and political blogs.

Don’t forget eBoy’s eCities! (Not exactly maps but they’re the most astounding of all.)

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