Web 2.0 Poetry

It’s the last form of mocking I would expect. Since when has anyone remotely associated with Web 2.0 been artistic, given all its naming schemes, color combinations, and typography?

Here are some excerpts from various Web 2.0 poems around the blogosphere:

by Paulo Ordoveza

Folksonomy. Always be launching. You need someone who gets it. We shall transcend borders. Roll your own roll-your-own. Tag me. We’re about what Web 2.0 is about. Label what defies categorization. The new is old. It’s all about community. Social is the new push. News clouds. Hack it.

My Web 2.0 Poem
by Karl Bode

sycophantic walking adverts
clicks hung by heavy gold chain around crooked necks
startups pimped, face creams and plastic surgeons
inane ancient dongles, painted fire engine red
with nametags like “innovation”
call them web 2.0
my grandfather’s blood still sits in soil
my father’s hands bled for lumber
These new men
don’t even know
what the fuck it is they sell

Web 2.0 Dadaist Poem
by Tate Linden

Dumpr, Enablr, Empressr, Extortr,
Fastr, Favr, Featr, Flagr,
Flappr, Flickr, Frappr, Gabbr,
Geotagr, Gickr, Gpokr, Grazr.

But quirky poetry is still poetry. The Web 2.0 trademark of creativity may be called immature, but who says what is genius and what isn’t? Most don’t care anyway, as long as they got the business plan down pat.

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Poetry

  1. Just FYI – The full poem on Stoked Brands (click my name above) has four stanzas and links to every name mentioned.

    Thanks for the link!

    …and it is pretty easy to rhyme when you end every word with the same letter.

  2. Ah yes, I didn’t mean to downplay that by getting an excerpt. I wanted the readers to take a peek but visit your sites. :)

    …and it is pretty easy to rhyme when you end every word with the same letter.

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