Web 2.0 Site Generator

We all love ’em, those memes running on pseudo-intelligent engines, spewing forth usually-pleasing results. They usually take the form of personality tests.

But this generator completes your checklist for Launching a Web 2.0 Site (a.k.a. The Business Plan):

  1. The bleeding-edge service you’ll be providing [CHECK!]
  2. Your qwerky web service and company names [CHECK!]
  3. Wonderful marketing buzz [CHECK!]
  4. An XHTML/CSS site layout — in great Web 2.0 fashion (rounded corners, blue-to-green spectra, large fonts, badges, gradients), of course!

Here’s a preview of #4:

Hmm, I think they missed the Beta label there.

FYI, “Botingu” was a suggested name by the site (as well as “Pipsqueak”), and listed in here — apparently as either places or surnames.

Throw in a few more things here and there you get this checklist completed. Congradulashons.

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