Web 2.0h, yeahhhh!

(Web 2.0 Trademarked! — The Sequel)


“Our new photo-realistic printing process is on full display with this great image of Tim O’Reilly busting out of his lawyers office.”

In light of recent events, this proves that the best way to handle a crisis is to make a t-shirt. (Order yours now!)

Or not.

e*scapist says: Come on guys. Poking fun at Web 2.0 is so Web 1.0.
jkottke says: Can we ship about 1000 of these to Arrington’s house?
bryanboyer says: mike- our ongoing battle aside, web 2.0 is so beyond shirts, isn’t it? totes are in the right direction, but I think balloons are even better. Everyone loves balloons!

But who doesn’t love Kool-Aid anyway? Oh.

If orange isn’t too good for you, try the I <3 Gradients tee, or other weekly options (“Chuck Norris showers with AJAX but no water”).

Footnote: Updated page to include a wonderful rendition of the Kool-Aid Man. Skip over to the middle of the sound file if you’re impatient.

One thought on “Web 2.0h, yeahhhh!

  1. Mmm. Kool-Aid!

    And Chuck Norris Rules!

    (But there’s someone better than Chuck Norris and we know who that person is. :P )

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