This blog does not count, strictly, as a Weird Webapp Name, but (1) makes for a great resource of future Qwerky posts and (2) is proof that Bastardized English is still a great way to whip up a name (in this case, the specific formula’s foreign-sounding-so-it-sounds-cooler-no-matter-how-weird-widget-sounds-already).

Widgetization has become immensely popular around blog layouts and social networking sites lately, being the easiest and most organized way to customize. And consequently, to abuse.

Before that era of ugly MySpaces and FriendsterProfiles filled with videos, slideshows, glittery animated gifs, scrolling marquees, and other things we thought the Web had grown out of since the nineties, widgets were also names for those pretty thingamajigs on desktops: they told the time, displayed the weather, reported the latest events, counted down, stored notes or lists, and did every other thing developers could think of.

Then waaay before that, it was better associated with small items, gizmos, and gadgets, and occasionally, several races of small people.

Of course now people have the liberty of mixing up one or more things, for a little more interestingness, and come up with a small purple alien slash Mac OS X Dashboard thingie.

Yes, a widget; its name as qwerky as its function.

3 thoughts on “Widgetoko

  1. Dyslexic me again. First idea that came to my mind was “Widgetkoto,” as in “it’s my widget” or something to that effect.

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