Bandwagon, formerly known as Xacktunes

Bandwagon is up!

From the Flickr of avlack.

Get a free online music backup account for Bandwagon if you blog about it and post the logo before February 22 PST.

Actually, “online music backup” is a loose term since they’re only open to OS X (10.4) + iTunes users, so that’s probably why they dropped the “xack” from Xacktunes (did that make any sense?). I also don’t normally blog about paid products without a free version whatsoever, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Plus points for knowing at least one of the developers from college, and even more ’cause it’s Philippine-made. Wink.

The name isn’t so qwerky as it used to be, though. Let’s see… for Xacktunes, the formula is a combination of Bastardized English, Consonant Swap (X for B), and Compounded (Backup + iTunes). Whew, that was a lot. It’s not very often you see qwerky Web 2.0 names with a combination of formulas for its name. But now, it’s just a real word, Bandwagon (Metaphoria, I guess). Too bad! I think a more appropriate name would be a recently featured webapp about music.

I hope they haven’t changed Xackup yet.