Poverty on the Web 2.0 street? I thought weirdly-named sites also took advantage of the advances in computing to making the “web as a valid platform/operating system” a reality, thereby assuming users are quite well-off (and make for great sources of income)?

Oh, my mistake. Beggr still does. Unlike other services out there, though, it is totally upfront about its monetization scheme (move over, contextual ads, paid accounts for premium services, or paychecks for popular content you generate!) — the site is all about asking you for a donation via PayPal. And so far, as of press time, it has “scrounged up” £832.15 from suckers, rather, generous souls. Beware of the AJAX-powered alibis—yes, there are many!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Batsardized English, The ‘R’ Thang, Vowel Drop

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Most convincing line
“You may have seen something like this before – but this one is 2.0, beta and has a shinier logo.” [Hit the browser reload button for something else]

9 thoughts on “Beggr

  1. Well, you have to hand it to the guy. He’s got “user-contrubited” content (the $$$s).

    Otherwise, this is as Web 2.0 as tables and (ack!) moving GIFs!

  2. @jangelo: right on with the user-generated stuff! web 2.0? i think those are web 1.0! LOL! :D

    @keith: thank you!

  3. : a new web 2.0 start up!!
    Wow- I’ve got to know if this person is making money…
    Clearly, since I myself have a Paypal donation button on my blog, I won’t be sending any his way. Interesting concept though.

  4. @james: wow, do tell how much you’ve earned as well. :) the beggr site doesn’t seem to have earned since i’ve last seen it. lol.

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