“Bruising your ego one bluff at a time.”

Rare are Web 2.0-ish games around here. If you’re quite the nerd (or geek, people like to make the distinction) then maybe the posts won’t surprise you anymore. But maybe the appeal is in a 50 percent chance of getting calling the bluff. When you get it wrong, you groan loudly, yet try again.

There’s nothing like trying out a game and seeing all the high scores across those three-letter initials you dream of beating after twenty-four hours of clicking away. No signups to keep you down. Ah, nostalgia.

6 thoughts on “Blufr

  1. this has got to be one of the most intriguing websites you’ve featured on qwerky. simple idea behind it, but well executed. and yes, it has that web 2.0 feel to it. :)

    i thought i cannot be stopped by blufr, until i ran into a string of consecutive mistakes hehehe.

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