With practically only one image on its site—the curious logo of white, blue, black, and gray squares— is all about them words*, unencumbered numbered words over numbers, hundreds and hundreds of pages full of words…

…Words describing a site that a user bookmarks and stores online so that he can easily retrieve it by summoning the very words he associated them with.

Once upon a time known as keywords, they take on a new form and purpose, and are dubbed tags. It’s all the rage today, dearie: the newest services feature a way to tag their content, while the blogs file their posts into multiple categories.

Maybe it’s the trauma of high school biology, and of having to remember everything in a certain, fixed order. Now we take refuge in the Web, where everything is becoming a big cool cloud of words.

But aren’t we tired, too, of the immature popularity contest? The faddities? This little blog isn’t, for sure. And folksonomies needn’t be mutually exclusive of taxonomies.

At the very least, this bookmarking site has taught us that even if all the cool domain names are taken, an exercise in creativity can bag even cooler ones.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
None, in a class of its own. (see Coinage)

The URLs and names of related plugins

Success/Failure story
Now a Yahoo! company

Coolest Feature

Most Unlikely Techie Lesson It Can Teach
DNS: The Domain Names System

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Footnote: Apologies to the quirky Jason Mraz and his fangirls for appropriating verses in the most unlikely of places. Maybe it’s post-concert envy. Nevetheless, this song is a small sign of things to come.

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  1. Apologies to the quirky Jason Mraz and his fangirls for appropriating verses in the most unlikely of places

    Oh but the fangirls do that too. :P In fact they’ve figured out you’re not a fan because you misquoted the lyrics. According to its:

    See I’m all about them words
    Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words
    Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards

    :)>- (as if that smiley would work!)

  2. Haha. Peace tayo. Never really quoted it… (Defensive!) :P Appropriated, yes — and twisted them up for my own purposes.

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