How to put the 2.0 in Web 2.0: Taking something you can totally understand, then making it look and work really, really, really, really cool. What you get is a marketplace for homemade items, presented in so many loving ways. Other online shops are sure to be envious of them, and you’ll warm up to it despite a thorough lack of domestic inclinations.

Etsy has just enough features for the users to take the reins and complete the build, even in Beta. Their blog‘s a bonus treasure trove.

It’s as human as you can get. Indeed, markets are conversations—as well as exercises in more forms of creativity than handicraft.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Foreign Word [»]

Coolest Feature
Time Machine (and just about everything else)

Bastard Child Of
Paper Source and Flickr, according to him. (I say Google Maps too)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

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  1. Stacy Kay Mosely is “quirky,” but since she is so brilliant, she probably would LOVE Querky, as well! She lives in Austentatios and is just about the prettiest woman there. She got upset when my caomparison of her incandescent beauty was to compare her to Julia Roberts.

    Sally Mosely, on the other hand, is an RN just as Mallory Spigel’s mommie is. Mallory is a fine flutist and a brilliant young lady, too! Texas A & M “Maggies”

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