These self-appointed “RSS Guys” at Fedafi provide a bunch of RSS-related tools fit for any self-respecting blogger (or feed publisher). They’ve got stat-checking, advertising, and banner exchange all for free, but their flagship product, the RSS Generator (for websites that don’t generate feeds), is for-a-fee. (And that’s the business plan right there.) Sounds like they’re taking on the not-so-Qwerky FeedBurner.

They seem all-too obsessed with the term RSS, but what about other feed standards such as Atom? Perhaps that’s why they named themselves Fedafi instead of RSSafi or something. My bet is that the “fed” in Fedafi rhymes with “feed.” It’ll sound much more Arabic it weren’t.

I’m also guessing it’s because RSS sounds a lot snappier than Atom (or RDF). That double S is akin to the two curved lines on the feed logo. I guess nobody wants to go neutral on this one, calling the feed icon an RSS icon instead. Others, however, are more concerned with the size of the icon (it’s a contest) rather than explaining what RSS actually is. (It’s “Really Simple Syndication”, by the way.) Face it, feeds are exclusive to automated publishing platforms such as blogs.

Score 11/65; Formula: Gibberish, Bastardized Foreign Word (sounds like one, at least); Circle No.: 4, The Cab Calloway; Qwerky T-shirt Tagline: “Bite My Flaming Metal ASS RSS

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  1. rss feeds are not an exclusive blog extension, it’s a new way to distribute your content, offers. RSS is the stantard, there is no atom advisory board, there is one for RSS. It will generate extension and namespaces.
    Microformat that’s the next step

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