Because man is a visual creature—and woman loves all things pretty—we like keeping our products good-lookin’ and functional at the same time. Sprinkle in some fairy dust and you get what people at Goowy realized: it’s about time desktopping* had a little more graphical oomph! to it.

Whether it’s the download you’re getting or the online application you’ll be running, whether you’re a bandwidth-guzzler or you’re not too fond of Flash, Goowy lets you enjoy that visual experience just the same. Drag and drop news clips around. Add widgets of weather forecasts, search engines, random quotes, et cetera. Of course, you can change the wallpaper too.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Doublized, Bastardized English

Company Colors
Green (patently gooey)

Suspected Etymology
GUI (Graphical User Interface, pronounced as goowy, of course.)

Low-Bandwidth Alternatives
Protopage, Netvibes, Windows Live, Start, Google IG

If You’re Really on a Budget Alternative
The Hipster PDA

Company Slogan
“Leave ordinary behind”