For those who aren’t familiar with podcasting, grab some lessons first. Those who do have probably heard about Odeo, a straightforward (the site says creative) way to listen to and publish podcasts (the site says audio).

Fun beginnings. Site improvements. New office space. Hip (cough, cough) shirts. There’s no apparent reason for things not to shine brighter.

The Qwerks

Belongs in Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
Bastardized English

Company Colors
Fuchsia (known as pink to most)

Secret Weapon
The Bird

The Question They Forgot to Put in the FAQ
What’s up with pink? [Translated version here.]

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Flex those vocal chords; it’s the best way to iron out your English—whichever kind you prefer. Tired of typing out the words in your head? Talk, and they will come. Turn it into an answering machine even. Did I mention it’s dead-simple to sign up too?

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  1. I’ve never heard of this site before. The bird scares me. Kind of like a good replacement for whatever the UP Maroon was supposed to be.

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