More than just another photo-stashing system, Riya boasts of a never-before-seen feature: face recognition. Their systems can be taught to recognize people’s faces so that the photos uploaded can be searchable not only by album, location (mashed up with an AJAX map, of course), time, and ordinary text, but by the names associated with the learned faces. It’s not just faces you can actually ‘tag’, but other features of the photos you want, like street signs and such.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Daughter’s Name: “Graceful”, “Singer” in Indian Names (Sidenote: Riya means “Hypocrisy”, “Ostentation”, in Arabic)

Company Mascot
None, but the son (Deven) and daughter (Riya) of Munjal Shah are rockstars now!

Company Name’s Formula
Foreign Word [Ojos]

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