Who said all the viral fun that distracts us from “work” can only be found in videos? For everything else, there’s Scribd.

Of course, the main idea of Scribd isn’t really to archive all the distracting readables, but to archive documents in general, with the classic Web 2.0 twist: Digg-style voting. Sure, in the midst of the jobhunting people are about to face this graduation, a Girlfriend Application form is quite a hoot.

(The weirdest part about Scribd is the use of Adobe Flash for embedding Adobe Reader files. Doesn’t anybody else find that a little disturbing? What does Google, who gobbled up online word processor Writely, have to say about this?)

Score 13/65; Formula: Bastardized English, Vowel Drop; Circle No.: 3, The Pseudo-Abstract; Biggest Tag in Cloud: Religion

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