Why you’d possibly like Sponit:

You’re a blogophobe. For some reason you hate blogging in one way or another: you hate the responsibility of posting regularly, of doing the rounds, of answering batons and memes, of looking like you’re begging for attention when you’d rather do it with much more subtlety, like a random cool post everyone might like. Subcategory: You stalk. Good looking men, cool cars, cute animals, weird signs, emo suicidal punk goths (see below), anything.

You’re a blog addict. You’re the complete opposite of the blogophobe; you’ll do anything, sign up for anything that can potentially send hits your way.

You want attention. You want that 15 seconds of fame when the site suddenly loads your post, and hope to God they’ll like it as much as you thought they would. Or you want to say you were the first to do it, even if it is something they’ll wrinkle their noses at. Or you’re an emo suicidal punk goth. Or you’re a camwhore. Or both. Or all of the above.

Weigh and be weighed. Keep the karma, in posting and commenting (sounds familiar?), and you’ll be okay.

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3, The Pseudo-Abstract

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Occasional publishing, Snapshot blogging for everyone, Blogging for the rest of us, Be a popular blogger with only one post

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