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Choose the type of lens you’re building: all-purpose, “all about you,” $$, blogger, how to, or custom.

Add your content from all types of sources: RSS feeds, Amazon, GoogleMaps, Flickr, Indeed, link lists, and more. Proceed to the Lensmaster Workshop and start typing. Hit Publish! to display.

Do the rounds. Be faithful in maintaining your pages as a chunky storyteller would. Learn what sells and what doesn’t. Unlike Wikipedia, which keeps one page per topic, Squidoo lets you fight it out using LensRank, where the best content stays on top. Wait until your content becomes even more comprehensive* with Squidoo than with an ordinary FAQ.

Once you become one of the featured lensmasters, you can start earning from Google AdSense revenue and other sources of income the company is making. You can also opt to donate all of or part of the money to the different charities specified (including their own).

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The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
4, The Cab Calloway

The Formula

Mascot slash Secret Weapon
The Squid and The Lens

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Sourgrapes say
“It’s Wikipedia for dummies” [»]

Fangirls(/boys) say
“I finally figured out I should know about after a good 8 hours of surfing. On. One. Page.” [»]

Missing Question and Answer in the FAQ, Found Elsewhere
Tom in South J: What happens when there are 50 lenses on one topic?
Greg Burton: Tom – you either get a prism or the topic bursts into flames, depending on the location of the light source.

* Hint for next post!