tabblo.gif Tabblo is yet another one of those online photo-editing, photo-sharing, photo-publishing Web apps that have sprung about of late. Ever heard of that nifty early 2000’s site called Well, apparently,these days plain ol’ photo galleries just don’t cut it anymore. What about Flickr? Too simple. You would want something snazzy that can, well, snazz the eyes off your readers.

With Tabblo, you’d be able to edit your photos online, share them with your contacts, order prints and posters, and heck, even collaborate on team, uhh, tabblos.

It’s like photoblogging but on “tables” or “tablets.” Hey, we thought tables are a thing of the past!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo Abstract

The Formula
Bastardized English [It’s kind of a mashup between or “table” or “tablet” and “blog” – something in the lines of “photoblog”. Or at least we think so. Additionally, the meaning of “tableau,” incidentally a French cousin of “table” as well, seems to fit here nicely: “a vivid or graphic description”]

Web 2.0 Validator Score

We’ve-seen-this-somewhere-before feature
Your tabblos can be shared with friends and family, printed as posters or prints, or published to blogs or websites. They call your groups of friends your “circles”.

Here’s-something-new features
You can create actual posters–real, actual posters, and not just teensy 4R prints–from your tabblos.

Guess-what? feature
Hey, they have a blog. It’s called tabblog! Figures.

Footnote: This post is courtesy of The J Spotter, who offered to guest-write for Qwerky. Thank you very much!

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