Brevity is the soul of (T)WIT(ter):

Jack gave our acceptance speech which went exactly like this, “We’d like to thank you in 140 characters or less. And we just did!”

That’s at the SXSW Web Awards 2007, where Twitter easily won.

Everyone and anyone who’s a blogger should stop whining right this instant about people stalking their blogs. You signed up for MySpace, you have at least one IM screen name, and you might as well podcast or vlog. Twitter takes stalking to the next level. And throws productivity out the window every time you update your sorta’, kinda’ blog about what you’re doing or thinking at the moment. In 140 characters or less.

It feels like Twitter’s going to be the biggest thing since Flickr in terms of “cuteness” and explosion of 3rd-party tools, except that somebody thought of photo-sharing before Flickr did, while Twitter is the first of its kind. Maybe because it’s nine parts silly, 1 part possibly productive.

If YouTube brought about microconsumption of videos, then this is bite-sized vanity blogging.

Score 9/66; Formula: Sound FX (Twitter messages are called Tweets); Circle No.: 2, The Metaphor; Coined Words: Microblogging, Nanoblogging; Biggest Tag in Cloud: nonstop