Web 2.0 Zone, Flickr style

Flickr—if not Google—marks our entrance into the era of Web 2.0. (Yahoo!, while of a slightly older generation, is commendable for its ability to adapt quickly.)

What is this Web 2.0, then?

A revolucion to some…

A party to others…

Sometimes, it’s just plain confusing in many ways.

But it’s here… though undefinable

It looks yummy

And is all about what we can do, collectively

To make everything easier, for us.

Aha. So Web 2.0 sounds like a good place to be. But, why are all these new Web 2.0 sites going crazy over naming themselves silly?

Footnote: Photos from Flickr, all tagged web20.
Update: kosmar notes an English version of his Web 2.0 mindcloudmap. (Still confusing either way, ne?) Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Zone, Flickr style

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  2. @drakulita: yeah, that was a close second. :P

    @pingback: i think i should take spanish. or italian. or latin. or something.

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