Initially marketed to be an easy way for portfolio and photo sharing, Woomp! appears to be a minimalist yet good-looking approach to a no-fuss online photo gallery service. By this we mean not-bursting-with-features (hope-that’s-a-yet), but-looks-good, and-seems-to-be-idiot-proof.

Clean and groovy is how they like it, with terms like medias (isn’t “media” plural already? or they want it cool like that?) and a hundred Mo (I think it means “megabytes”).

It’s literally Flash-y too, right from tha fron’page—yeh, jiggle those virtual polaroids along—To tha prézentàshon: everything else is either white, black, or grayspace. You hardly see anything but the pictures, all dolled up and neat, ’cause it’s all about them.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
4, The Cab Calloway

The Formula
Sound FX (“the feeling you get falling downward on a rollercoaster” »); also Derogatory Language)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Company Colors
A wonderful shade of reddish-fuchsia-pink

5 thoughts on “Woomp!

  1. the flashiest part is on the frontpage. inside you view the pictures by flash still, but it’s a bit less bulky.

    socks? that’d be a great metaphor. in another website.

  2. That’s the first thing I thoguht when I read “medias.” Heheh :)

    In Spanish, though, that means “stockings.”

    Yeah, I noticed the inner-pages are actually lighter. Even lighter than Flickr (AJAXy). But as things go, I’m not about to leave my Flickr account anytime soon. Not for brand loyalty or anything, but because it’s so darned difficult to keep moving your stuff around the Web.

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