A different approach to writing things down, mostly in the way things are presented. But everything’s pretty basic, and not too typically Web 2.0-looking, either. (Yes, there’s the ever-present green, but it’s not literally candied up.)

Wridea is here for you to write and scribble things with. Pages contain different ideas, which contain text (and can currently be formatted in Textile). You’ve got categories too, but no tags here. You’ve got AJAXy stuff though, a won-der-ful policy for getting feedback, and even prettier stuff coming up. Just keep those eyes peeled.

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
3, The Pseudo-Abstract

The Formula
Compounded Bastardized English

Web 2.0 Validator Score

Qwerky Company Name

5 thoughts on “Wridea

  1. I like the idea of writing down ideas (so that means I like “wridea”?). Am trying to be better at getting things done. Sometimes notepad.exe is all I need. But sometimes I prefer doing this stuff offline (well, for the 20% of my time I’m not tethered to my computer that is).

    Not exactly a new idea, though. What of protopage and those other ajaxy web-based post-it apps?

    I’d prefer to have tags rather than–or as complement to–categories. However, if you’re as cluttered as I am, you’d tend to end up with thousands of tags and you can’t make heads nor tails of ’em. My del.icio.us bookmarks can attest to that.

    IMHO, though, your success with GTD will depend on how well you utilize these tools. You can have all the productivity tools you want, but without a viable system, it will be akin to pressing that big snooze button on your alarm clock every morning, and your waking up five hours after the set time.

  2. I like it. It’s a good way to stay organized even despite all the “to-do, notes to self, ah! so this is what this equation means!” stuff I have to deal with.

    Plus the colors are really cute.

    P.S. Ia-cha’, new YM ID. complexcalculus. The old one got hacked.

  3. Thanks for the comment on Vocab Book, cheered me up after the deluge of comment spam on my email that made me turn off trackbacks. Still in school yes, but not sure if I’ll enter @rte this year. School projects are eating up time like crazy.

    Your recent posts make me giggle with delicious Laugh 2.0. On one hand the whole Web 2.0 is getting a bit out of hand, but on the other… so much cool stuff is coming out! And how to we keep track of them?

    With tags. Or folksonomemes… crap.. I might be onto something there.

    Methinks an idea worth exploring is a way to link each others tags by irunno… reciprocal linking.. and each tag that gets linked by people gets a strengthened something value… eh.. programming rambling. No time to try to implement it but oh well.

  4. @jangelo/mia-cha’: i search constantly for the perfect todo-list slash sticky notes application. not sure i’ve found it, but stickies does the job for me on the desktop, while on the web, it’s this one for my qwerky list (i’ll post it when wridea implements public lists), as well as protopage once upon a time, then rememberthemilk, and my gmail drafts (i need the autosave!).

    the web counterparts still don’t feel right since i get too lazy sigining in to too many things at the same time – that’s why gmail is very powerful for me.

    mia, thanks for dropping by! ^_^

    @zerobyte: can i call you kuya yel too? haha. :) glad to have found that blog of yours (and mia’s?). true, web 2.0 is funny and fun, despite some pettiness. (btw, deleted your pseudo-duplicate comment.) oh, and get the akismet plugin! it works, at least for me.

  5. I love dropping by here Ia-cha’ XD Not only have I missed you, but you write about and dabble in such interesting things. And it is nice to meet new people (and have new people met? er, see you meet people I know, and vice versa) through spamming commenting in your entries.

    On Wridea — they tweaked their design and interface a little. Which is good, in itself. But my categories all lost their colors and now I’ll have to reassign the darn things. Mmmf. Hassle.

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