Tax season may be over but it’s not too late—nor irrelevant—to tidy up your financial future. Stocks, bonds, taxes, or what-have-you, web applications have been useful with quick calculations. You can use Google for that. Yubnub can help out, too.

If you’re all about compound interest calculation, head over to Zinses. Basic and Advanced modes available.

If you’re broke or quite the spendthrift, it’s a good source of motivation for you to save up some money!

The Qwerks

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor

The Formula
Foreign Word (zins = interest, zinses = interest, zinseszins = compound interest »)

Web 2.0 Validator Score

User-friendly Features
AJAXy responses and error-checking (i.e., gives a “bad feelings” error message when you punch in no numbers at all).

3 thoughts on “Zinses

  1. You should’ve mastered by heart from all your econ subjects that there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Try Squidoo. You’re all for content-publishing anyway. :D

  2. I heard Google has one such app. And it’s called AdSense. :P

    I don’t know about the “few mouse-clicks,” though. And of course, there are the costs.

    Free lunch? It’s the economists’ holy grail (san greal?).

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