Bandwagon, formerly known as Xacktunes

Bandwagon is up! From the Flickr of avlack. Get a free online music backup account for Bandwagon if you blog about it and post the logo before February 22 PST. Actually, “online music backup” is a loose term since they’re only open to OS X (10.4) + iTunes users, so that’s probably why they dropped […]

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Where IM stands for Instant Messenger. Where, if you haven’t figured that out by now, you probably wouldn’t “get it”. IMified is actually descriptive of the web service, for a change, but still creates a non-existent name in the process. The proposal: do everything from inside an IM window. Befriend imified and start noting, reminding, […]

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Tune your online radio listening experience with a rainbow of moods and genres. It’s your choice to be positive, energetic, calm, or dark when you flip that virtual switch, or switch that virtual taste. Funky relational map—where that current song playing belongs in the scheme of themes—included. Play around and explore it for more Musicoveries. […]

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