Would You Give Your First Born To Name Websites Like These?

Some qwerky suggestions for webapps. A bit on the cynical side. I’m sure you can guess which webapps these ones are parodying. Social Networking Hi5-O ClinkedIn News Rigg School KeggsList Faithbook Entertainment and Sports FumbleUpon Speedoo Consumer Reviews GrumbleUpon Ask Questions Social Bookmarking Blanklist Love and Dating StagNation Get the full story here.

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Mapping Web 2.0

The serious one shows color-coded regions where the given social networks are popular. I don’t think LiveJournal is comparable to MySpace, but just look at that! Curiously, there’s not one website that dominates equally across continents. According to the article, Hi5 is the most diverse. The funny one depicts the popular places on the web […]

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Top 10 Worst Web App Names

Read/WriteWeb has posted a list of the 10 Worst Web App Names. I don’t particularly with every single one of the ten, but makes for a good laugh.

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More Qwerky Names