Top Social Networks of 2006 Announced!

Winners!Here’s the Web 2.0 holiday treat brought to you by Mashable!: the Social Networking Awards 2006. Here are the winners (both “their” choices and “our” choices have been named):

  1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks: MySpace and Multiply
  2. Widgets and Add-Ons: and Zwinky
  3. Social News and Social Bookmarking: Digg and Trailfire
  4. Sports and Fitness: FanNation and Takkle
  5. Photo Sharing: Flickr and Twango
  6. Video Sharing: YouTube and Gotuit
  7. Startpages: Netvibes and Pageflakes
  8. Places and Events: Yelp and CollegeTonight
  9. Music: and ReverbNation, MOG
  10. Social Shopping: Etsy and ThisNext
  11. Mobile: Twitter and Wadja
  12. Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks: Flixster and Dogster, LibraryThing

As you may have noticed, there’s a fair share of qwerky names, but there are also real words, either on their own or paired together. There will always be competition between these two naming schemes, but it’s the quality of service that’ll make or break it in the end.