Here’s a source of profoundess that’s befitting of the end of 2006. If you’re looking for answers to age-old mysteries such as the essence of life, this site might be of help. Of course, the one-liners contained in these scrolls are not written by unknown deities but equally puny beings who dream of becoming immortalized through their supposedly wise words.

Phrazr, on the other hand, could’ve gotten better inspiration in coming up with a more Web 2.0-looking site. After all, when you use a Flickr-inspired site name, you’re supposed to be a Web 2.0 company too, right?

Score: 3/51; Formula: Bastardized English, The ‘R’ Thang, Vowel Drop; Circle No.: 3, The Pseudo-Abstract; Notable Web 2.0 Features: None (ok, fine, “user-generated content” is there…)

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