Unlike sites like MySpace, Friendster, or FaceBook, Renkoo assumes you have a life. And that you already have real-life, offline friends. To top it all off, it encourages you and your friends to meet in real life, offline.

So now the only thing left to do is agree on what to do, as well as the when, where, and how. If email, instant messenger, text, or the combination of all three is too much of a hassle to set things up, you might want to let Renkoo handle the unniceties.

Now, the origin of the name Renkoo is not a mystery. But that bee on the logo has had me wondering even before the website opened for signups. It does go well with the “beeeta”, though. (Not that everybody understands why Web 2.0 webapps keep on putting up the word “beta” beside their logos.)

The Qwerks

Web 2.0 Validator Score

The Formula
Doublized, Bastardized Foreign Word (renku) and Metaphoria

Belongs to Circle Number
2, The Metaphor (renku is a type of “linked” poetry created by two or more collaborating poets)

Confirmed Etymology

Brownie Points For
Awesome logos and webdesign/css gallery accolades

Qwerky Tag Team With

Qwerky Mascot
Kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) animals! See logos

Definitely Inspired By
Google Doodles, just like Reddit

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