It’s no longer enough that you declare every little thing you’re doing right now. Wakoopa wants you to download an unobtrusive piece of software, track the programs you use, and send that information to their website. Sounds a lot like spyware, right? These days they call it “software gone social”. And I can’t blame them one bit—we love sharing all these little things about ourselves.

It doesn’t stop there. Since Wakoopa is more or less a social network for people who use software, we’ve got groups (“teams”), comments (“reviews”), and of course, our own profile pages where others can discover which media player do we watch those questionable videos with.

The biggest surprise: the name Wakoopa isn’t gibberish! It actually stands for something (I asked).

Imagine if they used their slogan as their name. You’d get SoGoSo!

Web 2.0 Validator Score

The Formula
Acronymity, Doublized (“We discovered later that we also comply with the “double o” rule of successful companies: just like Google and Yahoo we have “oo” in our name!”)

Confirmed Etymology
W.A.K.O.O.P.A., “Where All Kinds Of Original Progs Appear”

Belongs to Circle Number
4, The Cab Calloway

Also a Great Name For

Brownie Points For
The Pink and Green Color Scheme!