The Best Explanations and Definitions of Web 2.0 for 2006

If you’re still clueless about Web 2.0 and the only thing you understand (?!) about it is the prevalence of its weird naming scheme, among other silly formulae and recipes I’ve mentioned, then you’ve been hanging out at Qwerky too much. As 2006 ends, let me point you to a round-up of the best explanations of what we’ve come to know as “Web 2.0”, according to the Web 2.0 Journal.

So I’d like to end things with a roll-up of all this year’s Web 2.0 discussions and explanation. I know that many folks are still struggling with what Web 2.0 means, are often confused by thinking it’s purely a marketing term, or if you’re like most folks, you haven’t really heard about it yet. To those, I think this list will definitely help and it’s a good refresher for all of us Web 2.0 followers as well.

Although this article first came out almost one year ago, I think many people still need to know what Web 2.0 actually is, even if a gazillion people are already on MySpace, perhaps most of them pretty non-existent IRL. But not because we’re milking the hype for all it is worth, but because people deserve to be enlightened about how the advances in technology caused this “revolution.” We’re certainly doing things a lot more easily with the web. It’s nice to know how we’ve gotten this far, or that, yes, we’ve gotten this far.

And so as another year comes to a close, with us having only a vague idea of what the future landscape of the Web will be, here’s to hoping that in the midst of all the hype so many have come to hate, we get to enjoy more ground breaking things come the next iteration of the Web.

3.0? Nah. That is so 2.0.

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